June 21, 2017

Only in MIAMI!

It's different down here

You sense it the moment you arrive

The sand

The surf

The lights

The energy

From sunrise 

To sunset

There's a rhythm to this place

Miami isn't just a place you live

It isn't just a place you study & work

It's a place you feel

And our student athletes, coaches, & fans

Get to experience it each & every day

Only at the []_[]


Only in Miami

The []_[] exists "Only in Miami" & in those who understand, "It's a CANES thing & you wouldn't understand!"

If that doesn't make sense to you, then you either hate the []_[] &/or you're ignorant of that which those who yell at the top of our lungs, "It's great to be a MIAMI HURRICANE!" believe deep down inside of us!

There are many important things in life but to be blessed in believing that, "It's all about the []_[]!" makes life more exciting & more enjoyable.

Several years ago, the []_[] made an award winning video that captures part of why almost half of my wardrobe is []_[] apparel.

"The []_[]!" by Billy Corben in 2009 was a hit on ESPN's 30 for 30 & its popularity demanded "The []_[] Part 2" & what's brewing in Coral Gables as I type is the "Carol Soffer Football Indoor Practice Facility" that will enable our MIAMI HURRICANES to practice even in extreme heat or storms with lightning.

Our coach tried to be a quarterback but was unfortunately at the []_[] the same time as NFL[]_[] Greats Jim Kelly, Bernie Kosar, & Vinnie Testaverde!

The []_[] is a big part of my life as I try to contribute to a Facebook Page of a dear friend that's name was changed today to "Miami Hurricanes Tr[]_[]e Fans!" so check it out if this blog has peaked your interest but if not, know this, the []_[] will once again be the talk of not only the sports world but the entire world because that's what Sebastian the Ibis seems to be telling me & everyone else that used to be at the Orange Bowl & now we're at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens!

You tell 'em Sebastian!

Since almost every sport team stole the []_[]'s smoke filled entrance, the []_[] student's thought why not us!

Sebastian even cranked dat Soulja Boy but improved it greatly by throwing up the []_[]!

I'm so ready for kickoff so Let's Go CANES!

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