May 5, 2013



All of us long for a place to call home.

Home is a peaceful refuge where we are safe & become strong.

Remembering our home is intensely personal & those memories are filled with emotions & feelings.

Can you feel the hugs from Dad?

Can you hear the voices of loved ones?

Can you see family, friends, & your pets?

Can you smell the crackling of the fireplace?

Can you taste the Thanksgiving turkey & all the fixings?

We feel unconditional love through Mom’s warm embrace.

Those familiar voices encourage us, inspire us, & nurture us.

Home is a comfortable place where we can be ourselves & feel safe.

The smells of our childhood take us back home if only for just a moment.

Our favorite food isn’t just because of the taste, it’s all of the wonderful memories that surround us.

But … what … if … your … home … was … only … filled … with … horrific … memories?

Instead of hugs you were physically & sexually abused!

Instead of being encouraged you were ridiculed every day!

Instead of enjoying memories, you try to forget & end your living nightmare!

Instead of pleasant smells, you only recall the stench of pain that won’t go away!

Instead of the holidays being a wonderful thing, they only make you feel alone, angry, & sad!

"He fills my thoughts, my dreams, & my nightmares. The memory of him, & his touch, pound on the door to my soul with such force that cracks are forming in the wood. I do my best to act like no one is home by keeping the door locked & the lights off." ― Andrea Randall, Reckless Abandon

There are thousands of children who are abandoned, abused & forced into homelessness every year & the multiple homes they have had in their lives are the last place in the world they want to be!

Do you & your family have homes where unconditional love touches all who enter?

What am I doing to ensure home is where children are safe & know joy, love, & peace?

For my answer to that question & much more, don’t miss my next blog entry!

December 12, 2013

I am so thankful for my friendship with Nadine Lee & through understanding her passion & the amazing work that Speak The Dream Foundation is doing in southern California, the LORD reignited a desire within me to make sure that all children see home as a "¡Dulce Refugio!" aka Sweet Refuge!

"He is the happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home." ― Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

What has changed in my life since I wrote "HOME!" on May 5, 2013?

If you're asking that question, then all you need to do is check out my latest blogs &/or give me a call, but beware ... I'm fired up & you may get fired up too!

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